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Sponsor Spotlight: Bald Head Island Limited

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Looking ahead, 2023 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Mitchell Family’s purchase of the island in 1983, and the formation of its development company, Bald Head Island Limited. From the beginning, Bald Head Island Limited made a commitment to developing the island responsibly and sustainably. They abandoned the previous developer’s plans to build a second golf course on the island, and instead dedicated nearly 200 acres of maritime forest as a preserve, now known as Bald Head Woods. Additionally, they were ahead of their time in adhering to a low-impact land plan that respected the island’s natural environment. At the heart of Bald Head Island Limited’s company culture is the Mitchell Family’s vision: To create a viable premier island community where people may live in harmony with nature and each other.

To ensure the island’s ecology would be studied and protected, the Mitchell Family would donate land and funds to help establish the Bald Head Island Conservancy and support its campus expansion. Four decades later, Bald Head Island Limited remains grateful for the Conservancy’s ongoing efforts to ensure the island’s character is preserved for generations to come and applauds the organization’s continued leadership and mission of conservation, education and preservation of our unique barrier island community. To learn more about Bald Head Island Limited, visit here.



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