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Major Gifts

In commitment to our Mission, the Conservancy aspires to reach higher:

  • to better understand our unique environment
  • to better educate and inspire residents and visitors to the island
  • to extend the important scholarly research partnerships we are developing with leading institutions
  • to engage in enhanced self-directed research on topics of particular importance to our constituencies and other barrier island communities
  • to assist in the thoughtful and responsible preservation of our beaches, marsh, and forest


Our mission, simply stated, is that WE Discover, Learn, Conserve and Preserve.
In pursuing this mission, IMAGINE the future of the Conservancy:

IMAGINE: BHIC gains the financial resources to secure, in perpetuity, a safe and inspiring workspace for BHIC staff.  Imagine staff working without major concerns about air quality and aging building infrastructure, and interns excited about their living and social quarters. 

For the first time in BHIC history, we have a full time Campus and Facilities Manager who is poised and ready to deploy a comprehensive campus management plan. Imagine that we had a reserve fund for capital infrastructure large enough to provide for all planned renovation, maintenance of all buildings, carts, scientific and education equipment, and reserve funding for unexpected challenges (e.g. hurricanes).

IMAGINE: the Conservancy’s Welcome Center becomes a space where visitors can:

  • Learn about BHIC’s Mission and Vision, science and education initiatives, and how to join us and participate in our work
  • Get information on, and sign up for, special BHIC programs
  • Grab a cup of coffee and read or relax
  • See current specials and deals at Turtle Central
  • Sign up for amazing campus tours, including access to the Fleming Education Center and its interactive learning exhibits

IMAGINE: BHIC Campus becomes a ‘must visit’ spot on BHI.  Imagine our Fleming Education Building with Interactive Exhibits that island visitors can’t wait to experience. Campus exhibits may include:

  • ‘Turtle Biologist’ Virtual Reality Experience (created in collaboration with UNCW)
  • Magic Naturalist/Science on a Sphere
  • Professional and modern animal exhibits that are kid friendly with interpretative content
  • A 4D theater for large group education experiences
  • Self-guided campus education experiences that highlight important habitats, species and research on BHI

IMAGINE: BHIC gains the capacity to perform the research that we NEED for BHI and barrier islands, without relying on external funding from the Village or other grant funding agencies.  Imagine an ability to self-determine our coastal research efforts and choose our academic collaborators from across the state/region by formally establishing a BHI Coastal Sustainability Research Center that has the following attributes:

  • Funding for internal research initiatives led by BHIC staff and interns
  • Funding for academic partnerships for collaborative barrier island research projects
  • Competitive fellowships for external graduate students working on barrier island research in collaboration with BHIC staff
  • A separate residence for visiting researchers, educators, or grad students, working in collaboration with BHIC staff
  • A public web interface with access to data graphics highlighting real-time BHI ecosystem info, and an interface for academic partners to request and examine our long-term datasets

IMAGINE: We’d love to hear what YOU imagine!*

*All naming opportunities, suggestions, requests, and decisions subject to review and approval by the Development Team and Gift Acceptance Committee.

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