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Internship Programs

Bald Head Island Conservancy interns help to advance the Conservancy’s mission as we Discover, Learn, Conserve, and Preserve. In addition to their departmental responsibilities (see below), all interns assist the Conservancy with various duties associated with non-profit business management, including engaging with island visitors, signing the public up for programs and memberships, working special events and fundraisers, assisting with wildlife emergency response, and helping in Turtle Central gift shop. Summer interns all also assist with leading public educational sea turtle walk programs (9:00 pm – 12:00 am) for Conservancy members. Training is provided for all tasks. 

The Bald Head Island Conservancy welcomes applicants of all races, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations. Our internship program is popular, competitive, and can be a life-changing experience for students and graduates!

Summer 2023 Applications are OPEN!

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Internship Experiences

I'm so glad I took the chance to apply and the experiences I've gained as a result. Not only have I worked with a wonderful staff, the island residents have been kind and made the whole internship even more enjoyable. BHIC has helped me gain valuable administrative skills, depend more on others, and just roll with the punches because you have to be flexible on the island. Practical skills include learning how to change a tire, how to kayak, and floating between departments in a small non-profit setting.

Judith Broussard, Fall Intern, 2021

Since being with BHIC I have found an interest in marsh birds and hope to work a few seasonal positions before obtaining a graduate degree. Working in an environment like BHIC’s has been very rewarding. Everyone works well together and there is such a variety of skills and expertise; I feel so grateful to be able to work in such an environment so early on in my career!

Jenna Albaugh, Fall Intern 2021, Seasonal Coastal Educator 2022

This happened during our first week or two of the internship. Judith and I were leading a Turtle Walk on our own for the first time and were out on the beach watching for hatchlings. Part of the protocol for the program is to clean up Flemming afterwards (wiping down chairs, putting the biofacts and laptop back up) and while we were out, the Conservation team cleaned up the room for us! We came back after a long night to the room all clean. It is still one of my fondest memories – just to have that support and comradery early on says a lot about the people you are working with and invested me in BHIC, the internship program, and my fellow interns.

Adelle Schubarg, Fall Intern, 2021

BHIC has solidified my passion for estuarine ecology and coastal conservation, and after my time here on the island ends, I’ll be continuing on with work in the sea turtle field. I consider myself to be indescribably lucky to have had the chance to live on Bald Head Island and work with people who have dedicated their lives to protecting the environment, and I can only hope to have as deep an impact on an organization as BHIC has had on me

Maddie Talnagi, Fall Intern, 2021