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Sponsor Spotlight: Mike’s Bites

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Mike’s Bites is one the island’s favorite food stands, offering refreshing summer snacks to Conservancy and beach goers alike. Owner Mike Thomasen is a continued Sponsor and supporter of the Conservancy, having been connected to the Conservancy and the island since 2010.

“My father worked for the Conservancy doing maintenance, and I helped him renovate the dorm rooms and house for the interns,” Thomasen recalled. “I also helped him do odd jobs around the campus.”

Through his work, Thomasen built relationships with the Conservancy staff and soon obtained the old lighthouse Generator House at the heart of the Conservancy’s campus. There he created and opened Mike’s Bites, and it has been a summer must-visit ever since. When asked why he decided to become a Sponsor, Thomasen said that supporting the Conservancy is important for helping the sea turtles and educating BHI visitors.

The Mike’s Bites menu this summer includes signature hot dogs as well as fresh subs and wraps, all made to order. Islanders, long-term visitors, and of course our Conservancy interns can also look forward to Italian ice, salads and more. There’s something for everyone at Mike’s Bites!

Thomasen and the Mike’s Bites team are looking forward to a busy summer and appreciate everyone that supports Mike’s Bites and the BHI Conservancy.


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Mike’s Bites is located on the BHI Conservancy campus, serving hot dogs, sandwiches, Italian ice, and other snacks all at great prices. It’s the perfect spot to grab a bite and enjoy East Beach! Open seasonally.



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