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Bald Head Island Conservancy Summer Camp 2024

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By Jennifer Wiggen, Senior Educator

rJe257nAs3XkEdcwNACbDct73fJJxLo9BnXuq pv4zOVQhYd44puSGkIAvoeiDCsKYYRx4mU4TmqM3mn27HPa1zVtBBZgvY4f7sVXUWW5SMv6AP8 GBaoQqNFQJNhAqBdLZ1TxLxGPTDD Yp8XVSJk4zHNifqDsitj8h7QmwP7cmwJb1k3ehIesG0dE01t799IMVv6ykRJASDUV3 Hz3T47VvVwtAnE72vxpdqhdf968fF2 4w75VMMBabq3fLHR1yzydXpWUpQWMHdeUUTgsvLqeVNSVkF5 ytcpGXV QpqHQWe are so excited to discover and learn with your children this spring and summer through our nature-based camp experiences at the Bald Head Island Conservancy! Feeling connected to nature, especially to the animals and plants we share Bald Head Island with, is the best way to appreciate and learn about this amazing barrier island!

Nature camp at the Bald Head Island Conservancy will immerse your child in barrier island ecology as they explore the maritime forest, salt marsh and beach environments. Campers learn through outdoor activities, nature-based art, games and community science, all while developing a deeper connection and understanding to the natural world around them.

KamSaDdpUUdBBIeB357C Y4P2pp7BvIswx52A6bktRMJ75 6lnKEB6uu4kHqfJPRpgq8Q0uv8 V88b8SoQMRbirD2 L76GpJ99NdYkqI2oa4FQwLdglumO4gnvJfdq3 Z MFK6PLa9Gf4Fuygf7su8wQAu1nJaYIDvJhcLmdQwX9 d1a5jVNOey SMnwm6jz4L0L6nxHozToz65am 1WbNcBLuSO4UtXvV0M28jPj6PIs6s H p3JyOwWo8 1nfg6tG08ww7RUvR H7He4B6biyL0WEJaWh O4wSPXZMHOXECamp activities will include things like visiting the maritime forest habitats, learning about salt marsh ecology, and diving into sea turtle conservation. We’ll take campers birding, on tidal explorations, plant identification hikes, searching for animal tracks and so much more. Campers will be able to interact with our education animals, which include box turtles, yellow-bellied sliders, corn snakes and a musk turtle! Everyday is a new adventure with camp, and no two days are the same!

Spring camp registration opens February 28th, and summer camp registration will be available April 1st. Please contact if you have any questions! 


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