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Supporter Shoutout: Kealy & Kate Dorst

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The Conservancy extends our gratitude to Kealy and Kate Dorst, who generously donated the proceeds from the sales of their costume Bald Head Island bracelets to the Conservancy at the beginning of August. Thank you Kealy and Kate for your support!

The Dorsts began making their bracelets in June in preparation for their annual trip to Bald Head Island. To make the bracelets, they spun, stacked, or strung clay beads, tying all of the knots themselves and finishing each bracelet off with a charm that represents Bald Head Island, including waves, golf carts, sharks, dolphins, stingrays, and, of course, turtles. They offered bracelets in a variety of colors, and the two girls are also happy to take special requests, which they received quite a few of. The bracelets were undeniably made with “lots of love.”

When asked what inspired them to donate the proceeds from the bracelets to the Conservancy, the girls’ mother, Meagan Dorst, shared that they had been coming to Bald Head Island for six summers. Each time, the Dorsts make a habit to search for sea turtle nests near their rentals and check on them nightly. Their dedication paid off when they got to watch a nest hatch and lend a helping hand to our Sea Turtle Protection Program interns and Nest Monitors. “They wanted to do this because they love everything about Bald Head,” added Meagan. “They want to pass on the importance of the turtles and all the Conservancy does to make sure the turtles are safe.” Each bracelet did just that.

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The girls first set up shop at the Shoals Club, then at the finish line of one of our weekly summer Turtle Trot 5Ks. During the race, the girls cheered on their brother, who impressively runs in the Turtle Trot every summer. After, they got to work selling their special bracelets to runners, spectators, and staff alike. The two were able to raise a total of $43, which they took to Turtle Central Gift Shop shortly after. As they donated the funds, they were all smiles.

Miss out on grabbing a bracelet of your own? Don’t worry, Meagan happily shared that Kealy and Kate will be back with a new selection of Bald Head Island bracelets next summer.


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