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Second Annual Johnston Coastal Sustainability Symposium

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On Tuesday, April 4, we gathered for the Second Annual Coastal Sustainability Symposium. This event is a facet of the Johnston Center for Coastal Sustainability, which the Bald Head Island Conservancy has established as a research partnership and education hub for sustainability related initiatives on Bald Head Island. The goal of the symposium is bring sustainability experts together to share knowledge and educate the public on coastal environmental and climate science.

In the morning, Conservancy staff joined Bald Head Island residents and visitors at the Bald Head Association Generator Society Hall to hear from experts in a variety of fields on topics related to coastal sustainability science, practices, and policy. We are so grateful to Dylan McNamara, Joel Kostka, Molly Mitchell, George Bonner, Chris McCall, Joe Long, Samantha Mosier, and Jim Brown for their knowledgable presentations and thought provoking conversations. 

The evening session was held at Bald Head Island Club. Dr. Craig Landry from the University of Georgia presented on “The Economics of Barrier Island Habitation.” 

We are filled with gratitude and excitement as we reflect on the conversations from this year’s Coastal Sustainability Symposium. Thank you to attendees, speakers, and the staff at both the Bald Head Association and Bald Head Island Club who helped make this event a success. We also want to thank Dick & Pat Johnston for their support and dedication to the Johnston Center for Coastal Sustainability. We hope to continue these conversations and continue the mission of the center: “To promote the conservation and preservation of coastal resources for future generations in response to climate and other anthropogenic change in a manner that balances environmental, economic, and social factors.


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