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Notes from the Field: Summer Surveys

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by Lauren Schaale, Coastal Scientist

In the summer, the Conservancy’s conservation team conducts nighttime summer spotlight surveys for both White-tailed Deer and American Alligators. These surveys are important for monitoring the island’s wildlife populations. For our deer surveys, the Conservation team goes out about 30 minutes after sunset and drives a number of different routes throughout the island’s ecosystems. We randomize our routes for each survey to see different parts of the island at different times of night. We use spotlights with red filters to locate deer. Once a deer has been found, we will identify whether it is a buck, doe, or fawn (sometimes we have to use binoculars!). This data will be used to provide recommendations for deer population management. For more information about our research, visit our Science and Research page:

DSC01349 DSC01327

Bucks (left) and a doe (right) spotted during a survey of South Bald Head Wynd.



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