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Meet Our Summer 2024 Interns!

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Summer has finally arrived at Bald Head Island, and so have the BHI Conservancy summer interns! Let’s get to know the friendly faces that will be protecting sea turtles, researching wildlife, guiding you on nature tours and so much more this summer:


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Larah Gonzalez

Larah is from Edinburg, Texas. A fun fact about her is that she enjoys social dancing, and was an assistant teacher in a class where she helped teach swing, waltz, and Latin dancing.

Larah majored in environmental science at the University of Texas of Austin. She is excited to get involved in conservation efforts on the island, like shorebirds, and gain more coastal field experience.


Noelle Daley

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Noelle is from Raleigh, North Carolina. A fun fact about her is that she has worked for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. 

Noelle has just graduated from Meredith College with a degree in biology. She is most excited about interacting with the visitors and making science accessible, interesting, and fun! Noelle is also excited about helping lead outdoor programs and enjoying the island!


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Lauren is from Blacksburg, Virginia. A fun fact about her is that she enjoys carpentry and works in a carpentry shop in her free time.

Lauren is a rising senior at Davidson College studying biology. She is very excited to work with the BHIC team and get to know the island’s wildlife. She is looking forward to building her experience in conservation while supporting the important work of the conservancy.


Danielle Petty

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Danielle Petty is from Manchester, Tennessee. A fun fact is that she loves photography (animals, landscape, people…you ask her to and she’ll probably take a picture of it).

Danielle graduated from Lee University double majoring in public relations and writing. She is excited to explore (and photograph!) Bald Head Island and its wildlife. 


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I am from St. Paul, Minnesota. A fun fact about me is that I love to scuba dive and I have my Rescue Diver Certification! I graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior with a minor in Marine Biology. I am most excited about the opportunity to work closely with endangered species, particularly the beautiful sea turtles found along the beaches of Bald Head Island. I also look forward to collaborating with experts to actively engage with the community to raise awareness about vital conservation projects underway at the Bald Head Island Conservancy!


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Mollie Martin

My hometown is Jesup, Georgia. I am a rising senior at Berry College where I am majoring in Biology with a concentration in Wildlife, Ecology, and Conservation. A fun fact about me is that I have swam with the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. And I am looking forward to exploring Bald Head Island and teaching people about the importance of conserving the ecosystems around us!


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Egan is from Alpharetta, Georgia. A fun fact about her is her dream vacation is to go to Italy. 

Egan is a rising senior at Samford University, and she is majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. She is most excited to help with the marketing and social media for Turtle Central and to gain as much knowledge and experience about the conservation of Bald Head Island. 



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Kat Anderson

Kat Anderson is from Durham, NC. A fun fact about her is that she has been to 40 states so far. 

Kat is a rising senior majoring in geology and minoring in GIS at UNC Chapel Hill. She is excited to learn about the unique ecosystems on Bald Head and share her love of the outdoors this summer. 


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Emma is from Cary, North Carolina, but grew up spending her summers on Bald Head Island. She graduated in May 2024 from UNC Wilmington with a Bachelors of Oceanography with minors in Marine Biology and Dance. She is very excited to return to Bald Head Island to work as an intern protecting sea turtles! A fun fact about Emma is that she was Co-president of UNCW Dance Company!


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Kaitlyn is from Stafford, Virginia. A fun fact about her is that she is scuba certified! Kaitlyn is a rising junior at Duke University, majoring in cultural anthropology, with a minor in environmental science and policy. She is excited to learn more about the ins and outs of nonprofit work and to get acquainted with the local community! 


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Isabelle Smy

Isi is from Sussex, England. A fun fact about her is that she spent the last year living and traveling on a sailing catamaran (traveled over 1,500 miles!). 

She graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a degree in marine science and a concentration in marine biology. She is excited to observe sea turtle behaviors and become involved in numerous conservation projects.


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Justin is from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina; a fun fact is that he has a twin brother

Justin graduated from the University of Miami, double majoring in Marine Science and Biology, and will be starting his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University in Galveston this fall, where he will conduct sea turtle research. Justin is particularly excited to learn more about the conservation and outreach efforts done at the Bald Head Island Conservancy.


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Sam is from Richmond, Virginia. A fun fact about her is that she has traveled to the Galápagos Islands and seen the Giant Tortoises up close!

She is a senior at Virginia Tech studying Environmental Conservation and Society with a minor in Strategic Communication. Sam is looking forward to gaining experience in environmental education and programming and working alongside conservation experts to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Bald Head Island.


Katharine Hart

My name is Katharine Hart, and I am from Falls Church, Virginia. A fun fact about me is that I am a student docent at UVA’s art museum, the Fralin.

I am studying Biology and Environmental Thought and Practice at the University of Virginia. I am most excited to learn about BHI as a barrier island and get to engage with others to enthuse over nature this summer.


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