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By Jennifer Wiggen, Senior Educator

0yiYLmlsa jNtG 5AaUTqhCLeuBPJllwtuaeo9 TGI9 PIAuSPxdLWIEv c5xwNimYbUbsK e2ONAfSIBHMXlIN wTOgSummer is almost here! We are excited to discover and learn with you and your families through our conservation-based program experiences. Whether it be through an Island Nature Tour, Kayaking, or one of our many hands-on classroom programs, we have something for everyone at BHI Conservancy. 

Our programs will immerse you in barrier island ecology as you explore the maritime forest, salt marsh, and beach environments. Our goal is to get you feeling connected to nature, especially to the animals and plants we share Bald Head Island with. It is our hope that during these experiences, you will develop a deeper connection to and understanding of the natural world around you.53dR6O7GQaTn 2C jpGpzHzMCVMMuheyI2HoEro8IN7P1QDdnOlZcTZKyAAQtzbEUVVCbPIB0dlRiUsla4dZ0LY2GI6BeT59VR0oJWPaGmYSm58G HkYH Kjw FV

Fg5 wWiMw AlE3QAADpkgPZFbcGPjsWt5iRzAHxAGYXO6Gi6nsWO9o0vLi9l1T65dljE7odaaMllBReUZZGK VliJwoc0ivw 0aJI32uy5zatoYqwjdSsX6lb GwY sTjmWD71N4 dznSummer program registration is available now! Keep an eye out for some new additions to this summer’s calendar of events: we will be adding more program dates throughout the months of April and May. Please contact if you have any questions! 

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