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Adopt-A Program 2024

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Every year, BHI Conservancy offers the opportunity to support BHI’s sea turtles through adoption for the 2024 season. Adoptions provide support for the Sea Turtle Protection Program while giving our members and friends the opportunity to learn more about turtles and connect with specific nests and turtles on the island.

There are currently two levels of adoption available for the upcoming season: nests and hatchlings.

By adopting a 2024 nest, you are making a difference in the life of a sea turtle mom and her hatchlings. In return for adopting, you receive:

  • Assignment to a specific turtle nest when laid
  • Signage with your choice of sentiment attached to cage of assigned nest
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Red flashlight
  • Adopt-a-Nest sticker
  • 7” plush sea turtle
  • Loggerhead Turtle photo and information card
  • Invitation to be “inside the ropes” for the nest excavation
  • In-depth report regarding the sea turtle nesting season on BHI

By adopting a 2024 hatchling, you are supporting one of more than 10,000 hatchlings that are born on our beaches each season. In return for your adoption, you receive:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Adopt-a-Nest sticker
  • plush sea turtle hatchling
  • Hatchling photo and information card
  • In-depth report regarding the sea turtle nesting season on BHI

More information regarding the process for assignments and notifications can be found on the Adopt-a-Hatchling webpage of the BHIC website.


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