Bald Head Island Conservancy

2023 Annual Fund

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For 40 years, the Conservancy has served as a beacon of environmental stewardship on Bald Head Island in many ways:

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  • Through research partnerships with university scientists, we aim to Discover as much as possible about the island’s habitats and species.
  • By educating the public, we foster curiosity about the natural world so that residents and visitors are always seeking to Learn more about this beautiful island.
  • Because of our Sea Turtle Protection Program, we help Conserve the North Atlantic sea turtle population by ensuring thousands of hatchlings reach the sea every year.
  • Along with the Smith Island Land Trust, we Preserve acres of land across Bald Head and Middle Islands that will remain in their natural condition in perpetuity.


DwezaLZAWv1TeK5SaXSCtfRSSeAN3k9HLlluvCrz8auoh6oGTdWqjTXRIWXt9X1FXUTcZo114zlBBB4aj1E9eXSh7c u3wu7tOmEwKdUOBSpn5qQscG9GNvyPEDBFUbtW2TuV1Dhbmd kOO3AIY9MQAs we continue to grow in our ability to Discover, Learn, Conserve, and Preserve, we ask for our members and friends to give to the 2023 Annual Fund. As local and global pressures challenge the island’s long-term sustainability, giving has never been more important . To support the BHIC 2023 Annual Fund, simply go to the BHIC giving page and make your tax-deductible gift. Your support will help advance the work of the Conservancy.

The first word in BHIC’s mission statement is WE. If the Conservancy is to continue its success for the next 40 years, that WE must continue to include YOU! With your support of our Annual Fund, WE can begin the next 40 years of environmental stewardship with the passion and strength that our island needs and deserves.

To make a gift:


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